Current Financial Literacy and Career Readiness Programs are not meeting student needs.

Our unique solution provides:

A high-engagement, incentive-based approach focused on a reduction of student loan interest rate for completing financial literacy certification and job readiness success steps.

The first integrated, virtual financial literacy and career readiness platform for students, including a full suite of career readiness resources and employment opportunities.

Deep, cross-lender analytics on candidate profiles, completion rates, employers, and outcomes.

Lenders Optimize Your Success

  • Create goodwill – be a part of the solution
  • Reduce risk
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Ability to offer more products
  • Attract new customers

Lenders Incentivizes Throughputs & Results

  • Offer a reduction in interest rate for completion of program
  • Borrowers will complete “success steps” in financial literacy, pass exam and become certified
  • Borrowers will complete “success steps” in career readiness and increase opportunities for internships and employment
  • Program is flexible, one to four years depending on borrowers’ status
  • Community college, four-year institution, graduate school and alumni
  • Year-round program that takes only two to three hours per semester/term

Product Snapshot & Features

  • Success Steps are methodically arranged and interactive
  • Thousands of internship/job postings and proactive employer recruiting
  • Accessible via multiple devices
  • Access to a Resource Library
  • Evaluation and metrics on financial literacy and career readiness throughputs and outcomes

Positive Correlations & Outcomes

  • Students who complete a degree or certificate are 20 percent more likely to begin paying down their loan principal each year after leaving campus while earning 66 percent more than non-completers  (Third Way Think Tank)
  • Financially literate students have higher retention rates in school (National Financial Education Council)
  • Student internships increase employability by 23% (National Assocatiation of Colleges and Employers)
  • Higher completion rates in college have a direct correlation with lower default rates (Inside Higher Ed)

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