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Roger Woolsey, CEO

Former corporate executive and award winning college professor experienced in integrated marketing communications, management consulting and entrepreneurship. Rog is a former professor and administrator in higher education for over 24 years, with 13 years of directorship within career services at two prestigious universities.

Rog enjoys working out, spending time with friends and watching his son play hockey.

Aimee Khatib, COO-CFO

As a former business manager, Aimee focused on product/sales optimization and local market analysis. She also has extensive experience in Customer Relations Management in both academia and business.

Aimee enjoys a fit lifestyle, traveling and watching movies.

Aries Brings Lenders, Borrowers & Employers Together


  • Reduce risk
  • Attract new customers
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Create goodwill – be a part of the solution


  • Reduce student loan interest rate
  • Improve credit score, savings rate, and ability to pay off debt
  • Prepare for internship and full-time opportunities
  • Improve starting salary and likelihood of hiring


  • Access to a platform with thousands of qualified candidates
  • Post jobs and recruit financially literate candidates
  • Communicate directly with thousands of candidates