About Us.

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Roger Woolsey, CEO

Former corporate executive and award winning college professor experienced in integrated marketing communications, management consulting and entrepreneurship. Rog is a former professor and administrator in higher education for over 24 years, with 13 years of directorship within career services at two prestigious universities.

Aimee Khatib, COO-CFO

As a former business manager, Aimee focused on product/sales optimization and local market analysis. She also has extensive experience in Customer Relations Management in both academia and business.

Aries Brings Lenders, Borrowers & Employers Together


  • Reduce risk
  • Attract new customers
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Create goodwill – be a part of the solution


  • Reduce student loan interest rate
  • Improve credit score, savings rate, and ability to pay off debt
  • Prepare for internship and full-time opportunities
  • Improve starting salary and likelihood of hiring


  • Access to a platform with thousands of qualified candidates
  • Post jobs and recruit financially literate candidates
  • Communicate directly with thousands of candidates