Current financial literacy and career readiness programs are not meeting student needs.

Aries partners with lenders and employers to provide an incentive-based financial literacy & career readiness service to secure better employment, financial confidence and to reduce credit risk. Our program is flexible, allowing for either financial literacy, career readiness or both, dependent upon the needs of our clients.

Lenders: For lenders who provide student loans, you can support your borrowers via a combination of our financial literacy course and our full suite of career readiness, including thousands of jobs.

Employers: Our financial literacy course is perfect for employers who wholeheartedly support the financial well-being of their employees.

An integrated financial literacy and career readiness virtual platform that contributes to high engagement, job readiness and certification in financial literacy.

Aries was founded to combat a major crisis in this country, student loan defaults. Currently there is $1.7 trillion in student loans outstanding in the U.S. Of this figure, there is $125 billion in outstanding private loans. Student loans are the fastest-growing source of debt for U.S. households. Since 2007 it has grown three times faster than auto loans and 32 times more than mortgages. Student loans are now the largest source of unsecured debt in the United States. Default rates on private student loans are over 15 percent and are expected to reach 40 percent by 2023.

But the issue of financial problems is vast with trillions also owed in credit card debt, auto loans and mortgages. People are going through financial hardship; from college students who lack basic necessities to families seeing their dreams of retirement slip away. The financial challenges people face today have a powerful impact on their health, well-being and security.

Aries Financial Literacy believes that our two-prong approach of financial education and career readiness will assist borrowers with achieving financial confidence and a thriving career.

Our unique solution combines:


  • Create goodwill – be a part of the solution
  • Reduce risk
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Attract new customers


  • Reduce student loan interest rate
  • Improve credit scores and ability to pay off debt
  • Prepare for employment opportunities
  • Improve salary and likelihood of hiring


  • Post internship and job opportunities to thousands of candidates
  • Recruit financially literate candidates
  • Communicate directly with qualified candidates

The Student Loan Default Crisis

$1.7 Trillion

Student loans outstanding in U.S.

$125 Billion

Private student loans outstanding in U.S.

$17.4 Billion

Private loans in default.

15% national average student default rate
(roughly 1 in 7 students)

  • Default rates estimated to increase to 40% by 2023
  • Higher default rate for non-selective schools, private for-profit schools, private loans, and lower income students
  • $37,000 average loan size
  • 1.4 million students access new private loans annually